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Welcome to the home of Shattered Destinies

We are a family guild of The Seventh Hammer, and we enjoy both grouping and raiding with our friends. We welcome new members, and whether grouper, raider, or both we are looking for courteous, professional attitudes, willingness to help one another, and willingness to work hard. Please contact any officer or our leader, Scohoff, if you would like to join this great, long established family.

Welcome to The Flying Dutchman

Teslak, Apr 20, 15 6:54 PM.
Most of our active players have merged with Shadows of the Grave as of 4/15/15, including Scohoff. I now maintain SD for the convenience of any old timers logging in. If any SD member wishes to join Shadows of the Grave they are still an active guild and will accept you if you contact Scohoff. 

I have returned to the game and play on a casual basis, and there are a handful of others that log in on a semi regular basis as well. If anyone here needs anything you can contact me (Teslak, Gosligone, or Toecutter) in game, or you can post on our forum which I will monitor on a fairly regular basis.

Deepscar is Dead!!!

Scohoff, Aug 22, 11 9:11 AM.
Congratulations to the Alliance Raiders


Gakkor Deepscar Falls for the 1st Time.  After many tries, the AoN takes down Deepscar on the first try Friday night.  We had a few deaths but not many.Three full groups ventured into his cave and came out with 12 progression pieces in the MMM task.   We will do Gakkor at least one more time when we have raiders who didn't make it Friday night.Big Bynn is next and another progression piece will be collected by 12 raiders.

CONGRATS! to all who attended.

The Queen is Dead!

Scohoff, Jan 10, 11 7:26 AM.
Congratulations to Shattered Destinies and the Allies of Norrath for two great runs against Queen Malarian.  The first try we took her down to 7% and with a few extra people on the second try - The Queen fell to our forces.  Hopefully this is the beginning of some good runs against new targets.

Shattered Destinies Raid Night moved to Saturday!

Scohoff, Sep 7, 10 9:23 AM.
Everyone come join SD as we move our raid night to Saturday night from Sunday.  We are hoping for better turnout as Sunday has become pretty sparce, hopefully from real-life issues.  Bring your tanks, bring your healers and bring your DPS.

Welcome to former SHoN members!

Scohoff, Aug 2, 10 10:15 AM.
I would like to express a big hello to any members from Soul Hunters of Norrath who have chosen to join Shattered Destinies and encourage all SD members to make them feel at home.  They have become new inmates into the Asylum and deserve our respect and good-will as they struggle to once again become positive members of society (well Shattered society at least).

A great big hello from the Warden of the Asylum!
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